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Company news

Company news

Our company since 2004 according to customer demand, developed TTL 0-2M optical module, by the majority of customers love, order quantity increased year by year. At the request of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in September 2014, the technical parameters of the low speed module are further improved, and the transmission distance of 30km can be realized by the 0-1M rate. Therefore our low-speed optical module products. In February 2015 one-time delivery 4000 module, has been successfully serving the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Astronomical Observatory of the 500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope (fast) "project.

The project is one of the country's nine major science and technology infrastructure, a total investment of rmb. FAST compared with the German Bonn 100 meter telescope, the sensitivity increased by about 10 times; compared with the United States, which was named the first ten projects in twentieth Century, the United States Arecibo 300 m telescope, its overall performance increased by about 10 times. The project's 500 meter diameter is the world's largest single aperture telescope, FAST will remain the world's first class equipment in the next 20 to 30 years.

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